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Mechanic time-ticket processor and performance measurement

TimePower™ is a technician time ticket (aka flagsheet) processor that produces great performance reports. If your shop uses time tickets and processes them with a calculator or Excel™, TimePower™ is your answer. Simply enter the time stamps and let TimePower™ do the all the work. It also can be used with your DMS report if your shop does not use an actual time clock.

How it works:
Input the time stamps and flat rate time.
From there, TimePower™ calculates the actual time.
It calculates productivity and efficiency.
It produces a detailed time report that breaks time down by:

  • Actual time
  • Flat rate time
  • Internal and warranty time
  • W-Time
  • Productivity
  • Subtotals per technician and grand total for the shop

There’s a Repair Order Analyzer to look up past time tickets, and the Analyzer calculates unapplied and surplus labor.
And there are graph reports to compare technician’s performance and track performance over time.
Best of all it is included with SchedulePower™

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