OsPower™ and the rest

What is the difference between OsPower™ and your online appointment form? OsPower™ is fully integrated with SchedulePower™.

What is the benefit?

You DON’T waste time checking emailed appointment requests and only contact the customer if you have questions.

How does it work?

The customer's appointment request lands directly into SchedulePower™ where you evaluate and schedule it with one click!
All the request details populate into the appointment.


Customers automatically receive a verification email of the request and another email confirming their appointment time when it’s scheduled. They also get an appointment reminder.


Customize the services to your liking and you have control of the availability displayed. It’s so easy you’ll hardly believe it!

OsPower™ website interface

The form to your right easily embeds into any dealership's website service page. Test it out using our servers and receive an email confirmation for the appointment you make.

(On mobile phone it appears at the bottom of page - rotate horizontal to view fully)