Scheduling work



TimeFinder quickly finds the available time you need in any service schedule. Enter the time and see who can do a job and when in seconds, and then click to book it.
No other service scheduler features this outstanding capability.


Easy and safe scheduling

SchedulePower lets you fill your schedule perfectly so that you keep promises AND maximize profits. It calculates everything, available shop and technician time, existing appointments, individual technician efficiency, lunch hours, days off and holidays. No guesswork, no surprises.

The visual interface lets everyone see what is happening at a glance, instead of wasting time deciphering and asking others who is doing what. SchedulePower lets you fill and reschedule your schedule perfectly so that you keep promises AND maximize profits.

Split jobs

Split long jobs

When you find extra work, or if you handle long jobs, it is easy to carry those jobs over to future days and to make notes for each section of the service.

Starting jobs in the afternoon after units are dropped off and continuing the next morning is a common use case for the "split" feature.

Staying on top of it

Highly Interactive

Highly interactive and customizable

  • Visual, logical interface
  • Jobs and parts status
  • Jobs task list
  • Print techs job list
  • Search, sort, print appointments
  • Alerts
  • Surveys
  • Flexible schedules
  • Vin and recalls

Useful reminders

Highly Interactive

Email + Text

Isn't it great to get that doctor's office reminder of an upcoming appointment?

SchedulePower does that for your customers too! In fact, it does it two ways, by email or text. Your customers will appreciate it and reminders reduce those pesky, revenue losing no-shows.
And the system will even text your customers when their vehicle is ready for pick up. Wow. Now that's service with a smile!



Your customers expect fast and efficient communication.

Text2way by SchedulePower delivers it in spades.

  • Text directly from appointment or customer record
  • Incoming text alert
  • Search past customer texts by keyword or date
  • Users have individual phone numbers
  • Send photos and files


Highly Interactive

Follow-up is essential to success

Consistent follow-up is an essential key to success in almost every business activity.

BankIt email service reminders effectively recirculates work back to your shop, helping you maintain a balanced workload all year round.

Split jobs

Analytics anyone can use

Dynamic dashboards show vital statistics for making actionable decisions based on facts.